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Game use Ray Tracing and working on old GPU

Marble Marcher

is Fractal Art Game With elements of Puzzles and Speed-Running
by CodeParade https://codeparade.itch.io/marblemarcher

Marble Marcher JJ

is Extend, ReMade Java Version

Have +20 more lvls and Lvl Editor

Min Sys Requirements:
GPU from Year 2008+
    Game Use Java
Version 0.6a:
Lvl Editor
Upgrade Physics
Rework Shader - more Fps
Version 0.5a:
Java Port - As close to original as possible
smoother fps - playable even on 20 fps
add resolution / graphics settings
lvls unlocked from start
Gui arrow changed
win 32(x86) support
Game Almost OpenSource - clean src inside Java Files
Lvls Editor Info:
Lvls is loaded from a Text file
[Copy Buffer] button - to copy Current lvl to Text Buffer
    or Ctrl-C
after that paste the text data into the Text file as plain text (Ctrl-V)
To play lvls in File - just select a file from the lvls menu (Select File lvls Button)


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MarbleMarcheJJ_06a.exe 16 MB
MarbleMarcheJJ_06a.zip 16 MB
MarbleMarcheJJ_05a.exe 16 MB
MarbleMarcheJJ_05a.zip 16 MB

Development log


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Very interesting! Did you port the code to java? Also, did you know that there is a community developed version of Marble Marcher? Here's the link https://github.com/WAUthethird/Marble-Marcher-Community-Edition/releases 

(5 edits)

Yes, I checked CE version couple months ago
–but I can’t  compile it myself – have Old PC, last version VS 2013 for some reason stop working and I am not very experienced with Linux (to compile game / find video driver, etc..)
I tried Win build from github, but its not runs (missed some dll or entry point different, something like that)

So I created own Port on Java =)
Src code inside java.class files (without obfuscation)
Its easy to extract using something like that http://java-decompiler.github.io or similar

up: Current CE version from your's itch page - spams error "Compute shader error" without any additional info
Maybe its because my GL version is 3.3 and shader try use 4.3

(2 edits)

I have prototype with x3(300%) more fps – but its need more testing
Also current fps looks ok? – even on my not new PC it give 40-60 FPS on resolution 320w

I am not sure that someone even care.

So I maybe try make another game

(i try set optional default donation 0.5$ but minimum is 1$ - sorry)